SEPTEMBER 15-16, 2020

Shaping the future of mobility.

New date & going virtual:
September 15 and 16, 2020.

A two-day international conference on new opportunities in the field of mobility, e-mobility, challenges of smart cities and content which will entertain us while traveling.

Day 1
Tuesday, 15 September 2020

9.00 – 13.00 (Central European Summer Time)

Event opening and introductory remarks

~ 20 min

Mr. Jernej Vrtovec
Republic of Slovenia, Minister of infrastructure

Mr. Zoran Janković
City of Ljubljana, Mayor

Representative od Delo media company

Smart cities

~ 60 min

Petrol, City of Ljubljana, City of Dubai (tbc), Airbus (tbc)

Interactive round table
Petrol, Mestna občina Ljubljana, Mesto Dubaj (tbc), Airbus (tbc)

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

~ 50 min

Slovenske železnice (Slovenian Railways), Toyota (tbc), Volvo (tbc)

Interactive round table
Slovenske železnice (Slovenian Railways), Toyota (tbc), Volvo (tbc)

Virtual coffee break & networking

30 min

Innovations in mobility

~ 60 min

Zavarovalnica Triglav (Triglav Insurance), Uber (tbc)

Silicon Valley fireside chat

Interactive round table
Zavarovalnica Triglav (Triglav Insurance), Daimler (tbc), Uber (tbc)

Summary of Day 1

~ 10 min

Day 2
Wednesday, 16 September 2020

9.00 – 12.00 (Central European Summer Time)


Day 1 Summary & Day 2 introduction

~ 10 min

Content as a new opportunity in mobility

~ 60 min

A1 Slovenija, Audi (tbc), Google (tbc), BMW (tbc)

Interactive round table
A1 Slovenija, Audi (tbc), Google (tbc), BMW (tbc)

Virtual coffee break & networking

30 min

Rise of e-mobility

~ 60 min

Renault Nissan Slovenija, Groupe Renault (tbc), Daimler (tbc)

Interactive round table
Renault Nissan Slovenija, SIQ, Groupe Renault (tbc), Daimler (tbc)

Conference summary

~ 20 min

Trillion-dollar mobility industry

Mobility is one of the fastest-growing and changing industries in the world and is increasingly intertwined with digital technology. This has enabled new business models where ownership is replaced by the use of vehicles, only  when they are needed.

City as a Lab Summit: Mobility 2020 will give you an insight into mobility trends and connect you with major stakeholders in Slovenia, EU and worldwide.

»In three decades, mobility will generate $ 7,000 billion annually.«


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Two in one

City as a Lab Summit: Mobility 2020 combines two mobility events from the last year: Mobility 2019 conference, organized by the leading Slovenian media company DELO and City as a Lab Summit 2019, organized by AV Living Lab.

Delo is one of the leading and most influential media company in Slovenia and an important public opinion maker with high-quality content. With its editions and digital platform, it reaches virtually every segment of readers. By offering content and events such as City as a Lab Summit: Mobility 2020, it proactively responds to and co-creates changes in technology.

AV Living Lab logo

AV Living Lab performs development, pilot testing and implementation of new technologies and business models in a live environment for Slovenian and foreign clients. Emphasis is placed on mobility, intertwined with energy, fintech, commerce, and information technology.


Smart cities

Urban growth and accelerated urbanization are putting enormous pressure on urban infrastructure. How do the global metropolises meet the challenges of accessibility, openness, and quality of life?

City representatives will outline the challenges of mobility and business representatives will explain how they help cities resolve them.

Round table

In the round table discussion, representatives from global metropole Dubai will talk about the integration of ICT and mobility solutions together with solution providers, present good practices and offer perspectives on urban mobility in the future.

Mobility as a Service

Mobility is evolving from a two-point transport to full-scale on-demand mobility service, including micromobility on the ground or urban air aviation in the air.

We will learn about successful business models in the battle of monetization, which put customer experience at the forefront and offer complementary services building the ecosystem.

Round table

At the round table, we will discuss the opinions of future mobility service providers who will present the findings of their pilot projects. We will address the main challenges of establishing Mobility as a Service and the strategy for connecting and building ecosystems, aiming at the most integrated and transparent selection of mobility.

Innovation in mobility

Who will be the winner of the 7,000 billion mobility market in 2050 as Intel has predicted?

It will be the companies that will introduce new ways of thinking into their business models and include start-ups in their innovation.

What are the new ways of thinking, how are established companies incorporating them into their business and what are the results?

Round table

What are the strategies and experiences of investing in start-up businesses in the field of mobility? How can we drive innovation in mobility and related industries?

Autonomous marketplace for self-driving cars

When mobility fully transforms into service and we are driven by others or artificial intelligence, we will suddenly gain billions of hours of free time. Some will spend this time resting, reading, working, eating and socializing.

The arrival of 5G networks will also provide services such as movies, series, video games, infotainment, online shopping, and many new opportunities. The ability to connect in newly emerged ecosystems will be crucial.

What will these new content ecosystems look like and what will we do when we no longer have to hold the wheel and focus on the road?

Round table

New technologies, high-speed connections, AR, VR, and ever-expanding in-vehicle displays are changing the driving experience as we know it today. Representatives from the automotive industry, ICT companies, and content providers will share the
opportunities for cooperation and their proven food practices.

The rise of e-mobility

We are in a time of climate and environmental crisis, which is why fossil fuels are becoming less and less desirable. This positions electrification, which also creates new opportunities, at the forefront.

How can we take advantage of the current chaos of different providers, pricing models and standards and how to set up an infrastructure that encourages electrification? How are plug-in hybrids affected by this?

Round table

Electricity is gradually becoming an increasingly important energy source, both in the field of micromobility and in personal cars. However, it is not yet a common choice for the users.

What are the steps we can take to popularize e-Mobility, how aware are the users and what are the reasons for the slow growth in the number of e-vehicles? How well is the infrastructure prepared for the arrival of them?

We will answers the questions such  as how to improve the user experience of charging (booking, payment, roaming, docking) and what the future global network of charging providers will look like.

Mobility 2020

Mobility as one of the fastest-changing industries

Looking for answers to questions such as “What we will do when we do not have to hold the wheel?”. Over the last decade, mobility has changed significantly. The Internet, high-speed mobile networks and smartphones have made it possible to choose from a wide range of public, private or shared transportation in real-time. The electrification […]

Mobility as a service, content as an opportunity.

Media company Delo and AV Living Lab will round up the business campaign in June with the international conference City as a Lab: Mobility 2020.

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