David Mitchell, Vice President of Digital Media, Emerging Platforms at AccuWeather

Weather is an interesting factor on our everyday commute. We all use weather reports. Most of us look at two things – temperature, and if something is going to fall from the sky. “We used to have all phone numbers in the head, now we just have one or two. With weather, we will not need numerous data – just an advice on what to do, what to wear, to take a bike, train or a scooter, wear a sweater. In the future, we will just get answers, not data. You will get answers to questions, should I delay my meeting, should I leave earlier…” David Mitchell from AccuWeather explains the importance and the form of how weather reports will be presented in autonomous cars.

“In autonomous era, you will also have weather reports that are specific to your drive. Answer to a question, what the weather will be at each mile or kilometer along your drive, alerts for changing conditions and severe weather, data back from cars to improve ground truth and forecasts, data from construction equipment or snow plows that feeds into a larger system and alerts to alter departure time to avoid or minimize time in less safe driving conditions,” explains Mitchell.

He believes cars will get the information needed to make the right choice, with sensors that will tell what is happening very closely or in the proximity of the car. However, it will also be important what is happening around the curve or in the next half an hour. “We will also get that information analyzing a ton of data from connected vehicles, high-quality radar that will show the location of the precipitation and we can take
all the other meteorological data and start to talk about what is happening on the ground,” says Mitchell.

“So far, nobody took the time to combine the coolest or the most useful types of data sets,” says Mitchell and explains. “Here we come to the real answer about the weather products. I am certain that the most compelling product is not a standalone construction or traffic product, rather the product as a result of common work of all the organizations and delivering this combination of data in a standalone product.