Alexander Wolfson, Head of Strategic Projects, Digital e-commerce at BMW

“BMW always made cars that people loved to have and drive. Then we started to build the best in class connected cars. However, the question today is not how many cars can we sell, it’s how many customers can we reach? The answer is 100 million mobility customers till 2025 as a direction of our CEO Harald Kruger,” is a disruption explained by Alexander Wolfson that survived first technological disruption in 2008 in exactly right place – at Nokia, before coming to BMW.

“I have my own battle scars about this journey from my days at Nokia,” explains Wolfson. “We knew we needed to move beyond simply making products. In addition, we spent billions of dollars investing into services, but never truly succeeded in going from a product centric company to a customer centric company. That is why I think it is important to explain the journey we are building to the connected customer. Because if we cannot make this transition, our fate is going to be similar to Nokia’s.”

“This is a great opportunity to take advantage of our digital position.”

Wolfson is convinced that the message is very simple. At BMW they have experienced different waves of decision drivers which impact brand choices, whether it is design, fuel efficiency, safety or reliability. They are seeing a very clear and growing pattern that compatibility with customer’s digital expectations and digital lives. From a McKinsey study, it’s seen that in 2014, only 20 percent of customers felt that integrated digital services were a critical purchase driver. When they followed up with their own research in 2017, they saw a majority of customers see digital experiences as a factor in OEM selection.