Bobi Milošević, Digital IT Marketing and Sales at Mercedes-Benz Cars at Daimler

When the oldest car manufacturer makes giant steps in technology, there must be something going on in the Industry. Maybe only a phrase disruption is not enough to describe the changes. Daimler is actually a start-up, although it is 133 years old, says Bobi Milošević from Mercedes-Benz Cars at Daimler explaining how it all began.

“133 years ago, we wanted to save a problem of mobility with a horse, which is why we created a car. From 1920, the cars looked the same, and now we are entering a new era that brings us an unending struggle to make your car feel like your phone. We really want to be connected with a customer 24/7. That means intuitive mobility.”

Bobi Milošević started to work at Daimler when IT was outsourced. Now it is one of the most important areas in Daimler. “It is all about data, technology, how do we bring this together,” he adds.

Daimler is building their own platform for mobility and transportation, opening their IP to the open source. They believe that in a relationship-centric economy, keeping direct access to the customer to control and shape the interaction is crucial.

How do they approach the disruptive automotive industry?
At Daimler, they do not believe in closed data. Data is needed for new business, which again generates new data. Technology needs to be controlled by them and open source originated to solve the relevant problems and to acquire and retain talent.

There are different growth drivers. For service, the drivers are developer experience, time-to-market and access to customers & existing data. The most important for cloud infrastructure are scaling, low costs, high automatization, stability, security & data governance. And for users, the most important drivers are user experience, fast registration to new services and no breaks between channels.