Ana Bižal, Head of Lighting Innovation Pre-development & Development Lighting Technology at Hella Innenleuchten-Systeme GmbH

Autonomous cars will create a completely new marketplace, not only for passengers, but also for suppliers to different industries. Germany based Hella is strongly connected with automotive industry for decades covering front and rear lights, fog lights and interior lightning. In autonomous age, they see new opportunities for new business. Ana Bižal is young and ambitious Slovenian researcher working at Hella headquarters and designing a special atmosphere which will be crucial in the new era.

“Lights will have function and will also create atmosphere. It will be very important factor to make passengers feel comfortable, safe and relaxed,” predicts Ana Bižal while presenting a perfect atmosphere in an autonomous car. She believes seats will have more upright position and will be much more flexible and adjustable then today, passengers will expect and get a comfort of a folding table with electrical and USB sockets using it for computer, ipad or simply to play a game of cards. Internet connection will be available all the time and lightning will create special atmospheres.

“In autonomous cars, we can warn passengers in different ways. We can inform them about traffic and other information with visual, voice or just color based warnings displayed on the screens in the cabin.”

“We will create a wellbeing atmosphere when passengers will rest, socializing atmosphere when friends will meet for a coffee or a drink and intimate atmosphere when needed turning on darker lightning. For passengers that will use a car for work, brighter colors will be needed, just like in an office,” quotes Ana Bižal and ads another important role of lightning – safety!