Stefano Polidori, Study Groups Advisor at International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

The ITU is involved in activities related to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) which will lead to autonomous vehicles in the future. Now the ITU has two roles to play: one of them being the spectrum management and the allocation of frequencies to be used by the ITS services.

Polidori ads that ITU developed standard for the ITS is very much involved in secure over-the-air software update which is fundamental for the
business, because autonomous cars will have over-the-air software update.

ITU also developed standard for the audio communication in the car, for all this massive amount of data that the car will have coming from the sensors and infrastructure to allow carto-car communication. It is important to have a very good data processing to provide warranty needs, safety of the user and road safety in general.


Stefano Polidori explains that ITS environment in a vehicle may act as router to transmit to other vehicles. Therefore, the vulnerability of a
vehicle can be propagated to the other vehicles. He says today’s cars are already connected and smart. Built-in cameras, radars and LIDAR’s can
be used for real-time analysis of the vehicle’s environment and there is a need for solutions to process the data efficiently.

Data transmitted from the infrastructures or from vehicle to vehicle enables both the vehicles and remote systems to manage potential
dangers and issue warnings. Thanks to these warnings (road accidents, weather changes, faults in the road or blockages), the vehicles will be able to reduce their speed prior to reaching them, which will increase safety and improve traffic flow).