Luigi Ksawery Luca, Director Mobility & Connected Car, Toyota Motor Europe

“In a new mobility era, cities will play a very important role and we cannot imagine new mobility solutions without close cooperation with cities,” says Luigi Ksawery Luca, Director Mobility & Connected Car at Toyota Motor Europe.

Luca is aware that car sales will decrease in the future, because this is the only way to achieve better traffic flow in cities. This will also bring many benefits like, better accessibility and higher real estate value. Electrification of public, private and shared transport will also result in a radical reduction in emissions, noise and will bring better air quality.

With new forms of transport, Toyota wants to provide mobility for all, including those with limited mobility possibilities in order to ensure better social equity. “All this can be achieved with minimal investments, if cities will be our partners and customers,” Luca strongly believes.

For the new mobility era, Toyota has developed E-palette concept which company’s vision of the mobility of the future. The E-palette is not just a vehicle; it is a flexible platform for building a series of vehicles for very different purposes. The technical basis is the same. Modern systems will allows autonomous driving and application based reservations.

With that in common, the differentiation of E-palette begins. Autonomous vehicle of the future can be a taxi, light commercial vehicle for transport of goods or a store inviting customers inside the mobile showroom.

E-pallette will pioneer autonomous driving at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and
Paralympics. Battery-powered vehicles with no driver at all, will operate in the athlete’s village and transport athletes.